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Scientists of India!

1. Aryabhatta :

He lived between 476 and 520 A.D. He was a great mathematician and an astronomer. His contributions include about the movement of earth around the Sun, determination of various physical parameters of various celestial bodies, such as diameter of Earth and Moon. He laid foundations of algebra and pointed out the importance of zero. The first Indian satellite was named after him.

2. S.N. Bose :

He became well – known when he expounded the Bose Einstein theory which deals with the detection of a group of nuclear particles – named after him ‘Boson’. His contribution to Planck’s Law is laudable. He died in 1974.

3. S.Chandrasekhar :

An Indian – born American, who won Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983. He is an Astrophysicist. His theory of Stellar Evolution – the birth and death of stars is 35 years old. His first discovery was laughed at.

After three decades, it was recognised and today he is a Nobel Laureate. According to his theory, the old stars just collapse and disappear in the light of denser stars of low light popularly called Chandrasekhar Limit.

4. Dhanvantri :

He was a great physician during the period of Chandragupta Vikramaditya. His period was between 375 and 413 A.D.

5. Raja Ramanna :

A great nuclear scientist, who was instrumental to stage India’s first Nuclear explosion at Pokharan range in 1974.


6. Hargobind Khorana :

He created an artificial gene and deciphered genetic code. He was awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1968.

7. Homi J.Bhaba :

He largely contributed to the development of Atomic Physics and he was primarily responsible for setting up of Nuclear reactors in India. He published important papers on Quantum Theory, Cosmic Rays, Structure of atom, etc. He was the first Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission. He died in a plane crash in 1966 over Alps. 

8. Sir C.V. Raman :

First Indian Scientist to receive Nobel prize for physics in 1929 for his invention ‘Raman Effect’. His study of crystal structure is of unique importance. He founded Raman Research Institute at Bangalore.

9. Varahamihira :

An Indian astronomer and astrologer of 6th Century A.D. He was a mathematician and philosopher. He was one of the nine gems of Vikramaditya.

10. Sir C.P.Roy :

Author of ‘Hindu Chemistry’. He founded Indian Chemical Society and Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He has done good work on nitrous acid and its salts. He lived between 1861- 1944 AD.

11. Saha Dr.Maghnad :

Late Palit Prof.of Physics, University College of Scientific and Technology, Calcutta University well – known for his researches in Nuclear Physics, Cosmic Rays, Spectrum Analysis and Other Branches of Theoretical  Physics. He lived from 1893 to 1956.

12. Bhagavantam :

His contribution to radio astronomy and cosmic rays in noteworthy. An associate of Sir C.V.Raman, Dr.S.Bhagavantam was scientific adviser in the Ministry of Defence and Director General of Defence Research Development Organisation.

13. Bhaskaracharya :

Born in 1114 A.D., bhaskaracharya was a great Hindu mathematician and Astronomer. His work ‘Sidhanta Siromain’ consists of two parts of mathematics and two parts of astronomy. He had a foresight on the modern theory of conventions.

14. S.S. Bhatnagar :

A great Indian Scientist who lived between 1895 and 1955. He was the first Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Under his directorship, many research laboratories were established throughout India.

15. J.C.Bose :

He was an eminent Physicist and Botanist. He founded Bose Research Institute, Calcutta. He invented Crescograph and lived between 1858 and 1937.

16. Srinivas Ramanujam :

A mathematical wizard, contributed much to number theory, theory of partitions and theory of continuous fractions. He lived between 1887 to 1920 AD. His birth centenary was celebrated in 1987.

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Google is working really hard to make our lives better. It always has. The internet Giant is no more labeled “Search,” as it spreads its wings across other areas with a new bunch of products including Google Glasses, the beautifully designed Nexus Q, the feature-filled Jelly Bean OS, the new tablet and so on.

When we look back at the past, the search giant had always released products which eventually changed the way we think, work, learn and see.

Here is a list of the 10 best products Google has ever made.

#1 Google Search

Search is the best product Google has ever made. It had become an unavoidable part of every online human being. No one was ever able to question Google’s monopoly in search till date.

It was launched in 2007 and since then, it brings unlimited amount of information about any existing things in the world to your finger tips.

The service is available in 124 languages and process hundreds of millions of queries in a day. It is integrated into millions of other websites using the APIs and the best thing about Google search- it never lets you down.



#2 Gmail

People never knew about free storage, till Gmail was launched on April 2004, as a beta status. It made a available to the public two years later in 2007. Since then, it changed the way we saw emails. It offered unlimited storage so that you never have to delete your mails.


 Five years later and after many face lifts, Gmail as on June 2012 has 425 million users and is available in 54 languages. 


#3 Google Maps

Google Maps defined our destinations and routes from the day it was born- February 8, 2005. Over the years it has grown as the most popular app in all platforms, whether it’s a computer, mobile or tablet.

It directs millions of people worldwide without getting lost and with the introduction of advanced features like the street view, you can simply walk in famous streets of Paris or explore the Amazon forest, without leaving the comfort of your home.


#4 Android

Well, nobody needs an explanation about Android. Google acquired the company and released the Linux based operating system for mobiles in 2007, nobody expected it to be a rival to iPhones or BlackBerrys. But five years later, Android now has much ahead of its competitors, at least in market possession and it has its presence literally in all fields- Mobile to tablet to house hold equipments.

About 400 million Android devices are present in the world now and roughly around one million devices are activated each day.


#5 YouTube

YouTube can be considered as the most fruitful acquisition Google has ever made. From a video sharing site that had thousands of lawsuits, Google took YouTube into one of the most preferred entertainment destinations in the internet.

According to a Reuters report earlier this year, "YouTube, Google Inc's video website is streaming 4 billion online videos every day, a 25 percent increase in the past eight months, according to the company."


#6 Google Chrome

Google Chrome made its first appearance with Microsoft Windows on 2008. Since then, it has conquered many hearts with its simplicity and ease of use. In less than four years, the browser gained 33 percent of the market and is now the most widely used Web Browser.

This free web browser is now the backbone of Google, which integrates many Google products including Gmail and Google+. It allows users to sign in using their Google account providing consistent performance and feel over multiple systems.


#7 Google Advertising

Google advertising is one of the best options for people who want to advertise on the web. Unlike other advertisers who place irreverent ads everywhere on the screen, Google Ads turns out to be useful to the users at times. When you search for a particular product in Google, advertisers can serve you an ad related to it.  Google makes most of its revenue from it.



#8 Google Docs

Millions of people around the world collaborate, store and work on their documents with Google Docs- The free online productivity tool from Google.

When other companies including Microsoft (Microsoft Office) provide these kinds of productivity tools and services at a price tag, Google offers this service absolutely free.


#9 Google Translate

Google Translate help millions of peoples worldwide to interact with each other by avoiding the language barrier. This free translation tool supports up to 64 languages now.

It can literally translate anything from web pages to sentences to words in an instant. Users can get the translations from any language to another within the available 64 languages.

#10 Blogger

Blogger made lots of first time artists, writers and thinkers, as the website made it possible for the users to self publish works, ideas and literally anything.

Blogger was launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs. Google acquired the company in 2003 and made the platform entirely free which created lots of bloggers.

The bloggers can publish in Blogger which supports more than 20 languages now. 

Courtesy: Silicon India

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