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Smart Says To Toughest Interview Questions

Each one of us will be anxious about the questions we may be asked during the job interview. This can be the key reason for us to get nervous before attending any job interview and it can also result in showing weird behavior in front of the recruiters. To avoid such uncomfortable situations, Vivian Giang of the Business Insider has reported the top smart answers you can give for the toughest job interview questions compiled from Vicky Oliver most famous book ‘301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions’. Some of the question with answers given below.



$From your resume it seems you were fired for two times? How did it make you feel?

Ans: After I was fired twice, both the times I recovered from that shock as fast as possible and it made me stronger. Even after I was fired twice, I managed to bounce back during both the times and I successfully landed in getting into good professions which made me more responsible, also paid me well, and I had a great opportunity in working in different better firms. Though this business seems pretty much tough to manage, I am passionate about working in it.


$What will you do if you don’t get promoted even after you have served in this company for five years? Don’t you feel frustrating?
Ans: I will consider myself determined as well as I will also be practical. I will continue to learn and grow within my current position and I will be a happy employee without any frustration. Different firms have their own method of promoting people at different rates. So, I will respect the company’s policy and I will be confident enough, motivated and mentally inspired in the future days in this company. 

$What is your biggest weakness that is really a weakness and not a secret strength?
Ans: My biggest weakness is being extremely impatient and I expect that my employees prove themselves in their very first assignment. If at all they fail in it, I will stop assigning them and start doing everything by myself.  As of now, I am trying to avoid my own weakness by preparing the employees to start doing the work in the way I want it to be done.


$You have changed many jobs before coming here, Should I trust you and give this job and let you experiment in this company?

Ans: As I have changed many professions, it has helped me to be a better employee till now, as I have gained varied skills by the experience I have got in different companies. So, all the skills I have learnt might be helpful for me to solve various problems in a creative manner and I am ready to establish it here if I am given a chance.

$How would you handle a situation where one of your colleague has managed to take away all the credits for all your great ideas by saying it’s their idea?
Ans: Firstly, I will try to credit their suggested great ideas publically as sometimes it makes them feel to return the favor back which they had taken away from us and if it doesn’t work, next time I will arrange an environment where we both present our own ideas in from of the boss. And even if this won’t work, I will talk to that person directly and discuss about the situation with him or her.

$Do you think that, there are any risks and disadvantages for the position we are interviewing you now?

Ans: With the facilities of teleconferencing, emailing, faxing and having a 24/7 work ethic, I don’t think there can be any sought of risks or disadvantages in this position. It also helps us to have a chance of interacting with the key decision makers as often as possible whenever necessary.

$What was the reason behind taking such a big break from your work and why are you expecting for a job now?

Ans: I indeed had to take a break from my professional life because of certain personal reasons and at that time, I really missed my professional life and now I am excited to get back to enjoy my professional life by getting a good job now, as I find this as the perfect time for it.

$Will you be able to explain about your dream job?


Ans: Well, I consider this position and field as my dream job and I am super excited about it and that is the main reason I approached you at the first place. I am also excited to help your firm towards upgrading and fine tune your loyalty programs.




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