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%General Knowledge Question and Answer for Competitive Exams %

Who invent Rolling Tyre?
Charles Goodyear

Which Freedom fighter starts Ganesh Chathurthi rally?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Communist Manifesto was written in which language?

Who invent Television?
John Logie Baird born in 1888 discover on 1921 and show picture on 1924.

Which is the 10th lakh word Added in English?
USB 2.0

Under whose work women’s day has been celebrated worldwide?
Clara Zetkin

Which is the Capital City of France when German occupied France during World War 2?

Which car Manufacturing company is started by Adolf Hitler?

Which Cricket stadium in India has unconventional Floodlights?
Mohali PCA stadium

What is the birthplace of Subhas Chandra Bose?

Who is the Prime-Minister of England during the start of World War II?
Neville Chamberlain

Name the prestigious group in which Air-India is going to join?
Star Alliance

Who is the first women to win a Academy Award in Best Director Category?
Kathryn Bigelow for Hurt Locker.

Which is the first takie Film in Indian Film Industry?
Alam Ara

Which Indian born English poet got Nobel prize for Literature?
Rudyard Kipling

Which country called Land of many waters?

In which place Naxal activist movement is started?
Naxalbari in a village in West Bengal during 1967.

What is the name of the place of Harbour in Indus Valley civilization?

Who is the First women Legislator in India?
Rukmini Lakshmipathi

In which place of Tamil Nadu Petroluem is excavated?
Kavery Poom Pattinam in the Banks of River Kavery near Nagapattinam.

Which Company manufactures the first cellphone?

Who introduce Flashback sequence in Movies?
Akira krozova in the movie “RESHAMON” during 1950′s

Who is the main Brain behind the Green Revolution?
C.Subramaniam Who s famously called as C.S served as a Agricultural Minister&Freedom fighter too.

Which is the first Dock built in India?
Sasson Dock In Mumbai.

What is the name of Bullet that used by Srpoys that coated with Cholestrol of Pig&Cow?
Enfield 1853.

Who is the King of Kashmir During independence?
Hari Singh.

What’s the name of the ball used in present FIFA world cup& what’s the meaning of it?
Jabulani means City of Gold.

Which is the largest slum in Asia?
Dharavi in Mumbai.

Who invent Sewing Machine?
Issac Singer.

In which place press is first started in Asia & by Whom?
Tharangambadi by Seagan Balgh.

Who release the Tamil Dictionary on the basis of Alphabetic series?

What’s the name of magazine that is published by Mahatma Gandhiji?
Young India.

Who give the title National Father to Mahatma Gandhiji?
Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose during his speech from Tokyo.

Who is the first player to got a Hat-Trick in World Cup?
Chetan Sharma of India in 1987 World cup Vs New Zealand.

Which is the first 3D movie in the world?
Bwana Devil in 1952

Which is the first theatre in Tamil Nadu?

Which Person measures the Height of Mt.Everest?
Sir George Everest

Which Dravidian Language thats speaks in Baluchistan?
Pragui which is belonging to Dravidian inscription.

How fingerprints are formed in humanbeing?
After end of the forehand, blood doesn’t circlulated beyond that hence it get reversed and thus
fingerprints are formed in human being.

Which Countries National flag has Sun in it?
Argentina & Uruguay.

Which Present city in Asia ia very ancient?
Peshawar of Pakistan from 6th century BC.

Why Moundbatten select 15th August for Independence?
Because in 1945 England invades Japan after Burma and register some special war.

Which Pandya is responsible for the Revival of Pandya empire?
Sundara Pandyan.

What’s the Mothertongue of Jesus Christ?
Aramaic speaking only by 4000 people.

Who give the name Pakistan?
Chaudry Rahmed Ali.

Which is largest Freshwater Island in the world?
Majuli (or) Majoli.

Which is the largest Refinery in the world used only for Refining used on any Excavation Process?
Jamnagar Refinery of Reliance Industries Limited.

Who is the captain of world cup winning team of indian hockey?
Ajit Pal singh.

Who is first person to get the hat-trick in world cup?
Chetan Sharma in 1987 wordcup vs New Zealand.

Which is India’s largest irrigation canal?
Indira Gandhi national canal in Rajasthan

Who is called as the father of Indian Hockey?
Major Dhyan ‘Chand’ Singh.

Which city has more number of Diamond cutting industries in world?

Which river is know as the sarrow of West Bengal?
Damodar River.

Abbrevation of MISA & POTA?
MISA :: Maintennce of Internal Security Act
POTA :: Prevention of Terrorism Act

Which tamil movie is first entered into oscar award?
Deiva Magam (Acted by sivaji)

In which city geographical center for india is located?

Which Pandya King started the construction of Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple?
Kulasekara Pandyan.

Who is first prime minister from B.J.P? and Which prime minister was ruled small period?
Atal Bihari Vajpayee , 13 days. 16 May 1996-1 Jun 1996.

Who is the 8th prime minister of india?
Chandra Shekhar

Who are the prime ministers during India and Pakistan war?
Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri

Who received the highest awards from India(Bharat Ratna) and Pakistan(Nishaan-e-Pakistan)?
Morarji Ranchhodji Desai

In which government Babar Mosque Riots or demolish happend?
P. V. Narasimha Rao

Who’s government Operation Blue Star happens?
Indira Gandhi.

Who is killer by L.T.T.E?
Rajiv Gandhi

What”s the name of Adolf Hitler’s Air Force?
Luft Waffe

Who is the First man Jump from Parachute?
Blenn Shart in 1783

From which Airline Company Air India is Originated?
Maharaja Airlines.

Who is the political guru of Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose?
Chitta Ranjan Dass (or) C.R. Dass

Who invented Bicycle?
Patrick Mcmillian

For Which Bay Cuba&USA are in dispute over years?
Guantamo Bay

Which vice-roy introduce Census in India &in which year?
Lord Ripon In 1881.

How many number of Prime Ministers of India are died during the period of their Ruling?
3, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi.

In which Fanmous Asian tourist spot has more Hindu Sculpture?
Bali in Indonesia.

What’s the ancient name of Singapore?
Temasek which means Sea Town in Javanese.

Which is the First Railway Station in Tamilnadu?
Royapuram Railway Station

Whats the Name of First Novel In Tamil?
Prathapa Mudaliar Charitiram.

What is the name of Lord Muruga in Sanskrit&how it is used in Ancient Sind Civilisation?
Skanda.It is used with human being covered by two rings that shows save people by his offerings.

In which City first World Tamil conference has been held?
Kulalampur of Malaysia.

What’s the main special of the Chennai’s World Tamil Conference?
Its get converted from Scholar’s conference to people’s conference.

Which Insciptions is the base for Tamil language?
Tamili(or)Brahmi inscriptions.

By which person’s great effort World Tamil Research Center has been formed?
Tani Nayagam Adigalar.

In which Language Thirukural Was fist Translated & by Whom?
Latin by VeeramaMunivar.

What does Gelotology means?
Study of Laughter.

Which is the World’s Longest Drama?
Hamlet consist of 4042 lines & 29551 words.

Who Invented Toothbrush?
William Addis in 1780.

Which Ancient Epicis written in Sand?
Gilgamesh of Babylon Civilisation.

Who is the main brain for the formation of Janata Party?
Jayaprakash Naranayan.

Who is the main reason on the seperation of states by language Basis?
Potti Sriramalu a famous congress leader.

Which Book is the base for the start of Freedom Movement in United States of America?
“Common Sense” By Thomas Paine.

In Which city Zoo was first started?

Between Which Two Countries Postal Stamp Was Fought?
Paraguay and Bolivia on the region of Chaon.

Which Temple Tower is the Offical Logo of Tamil Nadu Goverment?
Thiruvilli Puthur Veera Patra Saye Temple.

What is the name of Pact (or) Agreement that signed Between USA&Allies during World War 2?
Lend-Lease agreement

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